How to Restore Facial Volume

Scared of fillers but loosing facial volume? Wondering how to avoid an overfilled look? The best filler results are when no one can tell someone had something injected in the first place. If not injected properly, filler and fat can produce an overfilled puffy look. If too much is used it can distort the shape of the face and certain areas of the face are unforgiving. Balance and positioning the entire face as a whole is essential. When placed and injected properly, fat or filler can decrease lines and wrinkles and reinstate volume resulting in an overall rejuvenated look! For the best recommendations in Santa Barbara for Botox, fat or filler injections, call Skin Resolutions in downtown Santa Barbara! (805) 569-1923



Our Top 5 Skin Resolutions for 2014

Forget the list of larger-than-life resolutions you just won’t keep! Instead, opt for attainable goals that you know you can work towards. We’ve put together a list of our top five resolutions, we’re sure will help you feel and look better by year’s end!


#1 – Clean your cell phone

Ever notice that one side of your cheek has a few more bumps than you’d expect? That could be from all the bacteria on your cell phone. If you have a touch screen phone or iPhone, it’s best to pick up a cleaning spray with alcohol content, or using a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and gently wiping down your phone. Still seeing raised white dots? Try Peter Thomas Roth’s Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash. This gentle acid helps to dissolve the buildup of dead skin that’s blocking the pore. Read our review on this great product here.


#2 – Don’t purchase daytime moisturizer without SPF

Even in colder weather, the sun still affects your skin. Be sure to protect it now, so you avoid looking an up to an extra 15 years older later. And don’t just slather SPF moisturizer on your face; be sure to include your ears, neck, and décolletage. We love Peter Thomas Roth’s Max Sheer SPF 30 Face Lotion. Learn more about why this fabulous product should be a part of your daily routine here.


#3 –  Be bold & try a new beauty trend once a month

What better way to spice up your look than with a splash of something new in your routine? Unleash your inner beauty diva once every few weeks with bold lips, unexpected eye shadow colors, or a wild nail polish. Change makes everyone feel fresh, and with makeup it’s less of a commitment (and more fun) than dying or cutting your hair differently. Check out some of our favorite inspiring eye trends, or our tips for prepping your lips for that new shade of color.


#4 – Update your skincare regimen

We all know that age plays a big role in how our skin looks and the way that we take care of it. Many of us may have struggled early on with all forms of acne or blemishes, but then as they years pass by other problems come along. The secret to staying fresh-faced and wrinkle free later is to act now. It’s never too late to include age prevention products in your skincare kit!

If you’ve been using the same moisturizer or face wash for the past 10+ years, it is probably time to upgrade to a new formula. Not using an eye cream daily? Well consider adding this to your morning and evening routine to hydrate the thin skin area around your eyes. Set aside some time to figure out what you should be doing at your age, with the help of the Skin Resolutions ladies. They’ll be sure to get your new skincare plan into motion!


#5 – Stop picking

Whether you pick at your cuticles or your blemishes – stop! What a lot of us don’t understand is that messing and squeezing these little guys can actually bring about much more damage. If you’ve got a blemish that continues to pop up in the same place, it’s a sign that the pore it developed in is damaged – usually a result of too much picking. Prodding a pimple can loosen the cell lining of the pore and cause the clogged oil to slip deeper into the skin, creating an inflammatory reaction and prolonging the healing process and possibly causing an infection due to the bacteria your finger has introduced to the area. The result could be a red or purplish mark that lasts indefinitely. Continue picking and poking at a scab on your face, neck, or chest and there could be an indented scar in your future.


Resist temptation when a blemish shows up on your face! Schedule an appointment with one of Skin Resolution’s estheticians, particularly when the blemish is still swollen so the exact problem area can be pinpointed. If you can’t get to your esthetician or dermatologist right away, be sure to apply a drying agent containing salicylic acid or sulfur to the blemish area. Whatever it is that you feel the itch to pick, keep your hands off it!

PTR Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash

We love this fabulous, oil-free, all-purpose antiaging exfoliating cleanser! Peter Thomas Roth’s Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash contains a gentle form of glycolic acid along with pro vitamin B5 and allantoin to help soften and exfoliate the skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging while clarifying the skin and smoothing out rough texture. It is especially helpful as an aid in ridding your skin of those pesky white bumps!


If that’s not enough proof as to why you should try this face wash in your skincare routine, then check out the research results. In a four-week consumer efficacy study of 25 women:

  • 88% agreed that they saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 88% agreed their skin felt exfoliated
  • 88% agreed their skin felt softer

Give this face wash a try – available now at Skin Resolutions.

Sunless Tanning Tips for New Year’s Eve

Don’t let New Years Eve sneak up on you! Be sure to get your bronze on, before the clock strikes midnight with the help of sunless tanners. But before you get started, follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you have a flawless faux glow!


Step 1: Exfoliate

Before you apply your self-tanner or head for a spray tan, make sure to exfoliate your skin to ensure an even tan. Avoid oil-based scrubs, since these leave a barrier on your skin that can prevent self-tanner from developing evenly.

Step 2: Lightly Moisturize

Lightly apply a sheer layer of oil-free body lotion or moisturizer to areas that pick up more colors, such as your feet, ankles, knees, hands, and elbows.

Step 3: Apply Tanner

Take your time to make sure you apply an even layer and go light on areas that tend to pick up more color.

Step 4: Air Dry

Allow tanner to dry completely before getting dressed, and opt for loose clothes for the rest of the day to prevent streaks, smears, and sweating. Avoid showering or working out for six to eight hours, when possible, as this allows the tan to set in.

Plus group resize

Need help selecting a sunless tanner? We like the subtle-glow we get with the TanTowel Full Body towelettes (above), which are infused with a clear self-tanning formula. This formula works with proteins and amino acids in your skin to produce a healthy and natural sunless tan in just a few hours. It makes tanning easy without all the fuss, and is great for tossing in your gym bag or for traveling! Follow steps 1 and 2, and for step 3 gently rub the TanTowel towelette over your body working from head to toe, then finish with step 4. Available at Skin Resolutions, for various skin tones – mild to medium, and medium to dark.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Most Christmas mornings result in pajamas, bed head, and impromptu photo ops with the family and what feels like every single present you unwrap! This year, be sure to prepare yourself for these holiday moments with a fresh face, complete with eyelash and brow tinting.

How It Works: Brow Tinting

During an eyebrow tinting service, an aesthetician first applies Vaseline to the skin surrounding the hair. This protects the skin and prevents the dye from bleeding onto it. Then the tint is painted directly onto the brows. The dye is left to penetrate the hair for up to 10 minutes, and any residue is gently removed with a cool, wet cloth.

For the eyebrows, the dye semi-permanently darkens the brows, and gives fast, effective results in just minutes. There are a variety of dye-colors to best match your skin tone and hair color. Similar to dying your head of hair, these dyes are semi-permanent and can last up to four-six weeks. Tinting gives fast, effective results in just minutes, and replaces the need to pencil in brows while applying makeup. It helps fair-haired brows appear fuller and more defined, while also adding definition to your face. Tinting also works great on dark colored brows, especially for helping to match light colored or highlighted hair. It’s an easy way to enhance your natural beauty.

For those of us with thin brows, we love to combine this service with the RevitaBrow strengthening eyebrow conditioner. Check out our review of this product.

Brow Tint

How It Works: Eyelash Tinting

Similar to eyebrow tinting, lash tinting takes a little bit longer to absorb all of the color from the vegetable-based dye. In addition to applying Vaseline to the skin area around each eye, a protective cotton pad is placed beneath the lower lashes to cover the skin below from absorbing the dye. The dye is applied to the bottom lashes, and then to the top lashes. The aesthetician will apply a few coats to the lashes, and then the lashes are left to absorb the color. After about five to ten minutes, the cotton pad beneath the eye is removed, and the eyes are gently wiped clean with a cool, wet cotton pad. Should any eye irritation arise from the dye, the eye area is rinsed with cool water or a saline solution.

Eyelash tinting allows you to get away with skipping mascara – this is extremely helpful when you’re on the go, traveling, and even during those sweaty gym sessions. Lash tinting is especially helpful for defining light-colored lashes, and making dark-colored lashes appear more full. To make the most of your dark lashes, we suggest using RevitaLash’s Eyelash Conditioner. Learn more about this amazing product here.

Lash Tint 

We love the au natural look it gives – and really love the fact that it replaces the need for makeup! And the brow tinting is ideal for those of us with blonde or light eyebrows. Be sure to schedule your appointment with Skin Resolutions in time to enjoy the beauty benefits before the holidays!

Revitabrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

If you have naturally thin eyebrows, or even got a bit too ambitious with over tweezing, then this product is sure to be your best friend!


This eye-conditioning serum helps to strengthen your brow hairs to promote growth. Key ingredients include calendula extract which is a shine enhancer, wheat protein and Biotinyl tripeptide-1 which helps to condition and thicken the brows, and biotin which promotes hair growth. Conveniently packaged in a tube, this clear liquid comes with a doe-foot shaped applicator making it easy to apply. Just apply this lightweight serum once a day for several weeks to rehabilitate brows, thicken individual hairs, and promote growth with conditioning oils and biotin.

We’re not the only one that loves this eyebrow conditioning treatment! Allure Magazine named this product as a “Best of Beauty” 2013 Award Winner. Still not sure if this serum is right for you? Swing by Skin Resolutions, or give us a call to learn more.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

Wishing for fuller, longer, thicker lashes? Fret no more! RevitaLash Advanced Conditioner is the answer to your beauty prayers.

Revitalash Advanced 01

RevitaLash is a product that will help restore fullness to lashes that have lost their youthful fullness. RevitaLash uses the power of natural botanicals and peptides to nourish and strengthen fragile, thinning lashes, while also helping them regain their fullness. RevitaLash has the technology to enhance what nature gave you – naturally. Check out the before and after photo below.


RevitaLash was developed by Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D. as a special gift for his wife, Gayle, while she was recovering from metastatic breast cancer treatments. Gayle’s once-beautiful eyelashes had become dull, brittle and lifeless after chemotherapy treatments. Dr. Brinkenhoff believed that he could find a way to give Gayle’s eyelashes the look of renewed health, strength and beauty. Thus, an entirely new and unique cosmetic product was born; and a gift created originally for just one special lady has become a product available to men and women everywhere who want to have attractive, beautiful-looking eyelashes.

Not only is this product by RevitaLash great for you, but the company behind it, Athena Cosmetics, believes in giving back to the community and dedicates itself to philanthropic activities to combat breast cancer. Call the girls at Skin Resolutions to learn more!