Online Deals. Worth the Waste?


     Sometimes a good deal is too good to be true and this seems to always be the case in the skincare industry.  Products sold online can be counterfeit, diluted, or expired formulas that are not safe to use. This is known as the Grey Market, the trade of a commodity through distribution channels which are legal but are unofficial, unauthorized, or unintended by the original manufacturer. These sellers are not authorized by the distributors and are not approved or certified by the company, thus risking any adverse reactions, allergy, or defects in the product. Manufacturers of genuine skincare products are strictly controlled and the products themselves are rigorously tested before they are sent out to authorized spas. Sean from IS Clinical says “we have added a consumer warning to our website. So many times people buy expired product, or actually a product that isn’t ours at all. There have been cases of clients of realizing what they bought was actually just water refilled in old containers. It almost feels like the crazy cycle never ends.” Just remember that what’s in the jar might not be the legally obtained high quality product you expect. Don’t be tempted by a low price, those searching for a bargain will be the ones who pay the price.

This doesn’t mean that all products sold online aren’t legitimate. There are authorized online retailers but they cannot discount unless it’s an approved customer appreciation event. You can usually find a list of these dealers on the company website. At Skin Resolutions we have over 30 years of experience and knowledge with each product we sell. Mention this blog for a free consultation with a skincare professional at Skin Resolutions in downtown Santa Barbara (805) 569-1923.images




All You Need Is Love!


Perfect your Valentines day beauty look with Colorescience Pro Mineral Makeup! Join us for a free consultation with our talented Colorescience makeup artist on Friday, February 13th. Learn new tips for a seamless makeup application or learn how to maximize results with products you already own! For appointments please call Skin Resolutions in downtown Santa Barbara (805) 569-1923. Space is limited!yhst-67007254324410_2270_33037225

It’s Never Too Early to Learn About Skincare

teen-acneHow to get your teenager to treat their skin right can be a challenge but the results are well worth the commitment. Educating your teen on the benefits of proper skincare can not only clear up acne but prevent scarring, hyperpigmentation, prevent skin cancer and premature aging. The best way to start is with a healthy home care routine, learning how to cleanse, exfoliate, apply sunscreen, and maintain a healthy pH. Learn the “don’ts ” of no picking, touching, squeezing, and the basics of what products are appropriate for your specific skincare needs. A little knowledge in skincare can drastically improve the appearance of your skin. It’s a perfect time of year to get clear skin before school starts. To book a Teen Facial, call Skin Resolutions in downtown Santa Barbara for appointments and consultations (805) 569-1923.


July Colorescience Minerals Event

Join us Friday, July 11th for a complimentary makeup consultation with our talented and amazing Colorescience Minerals expert Christie! Colorescience mineral makeup helps you achieve a clear, even complexion and protect your skin from the damaging effects of the environment. Be the first to be introduced to the new Colorescience Anti-Aging Serum, a 3-in-1 treatment product clinically proven to improve your appearance. Repair against past damage and prevent future damage and book your FREE consultation. Call Skin Resolutions in downtown Santa Barbara at (805) 569-1923.

The Smarter Way to Cleanse


Cleanse your skin smarter not harder with the new Clarisonic Smart Profile cleansing brush. The newly designed Clarisonic uses RFID technology allowing the brush head to communicate directly to the device. The Smart Brush Head will automatically adjust to skin specific protocols to modify time and power for a customized sonic cleanse. In addition, the Smart Brush Head engages when the device is turned on, and will prompt user when it’s time to replace the brush head. Add a power boost to your cleanse with the new Turbo mode which allows users to temporarily increase the cleanse at any point. With 4 speeds, the Smart Profile removes makeup 11x better than hands alone. You can use your new Smart Profile Clarisonic Brush with the Clarisonic Pedi System to give your feet the extra attention they need.  Skin Resolutions will have an exclusive on the Smart Profile Cleansing Brush until December 2014!!! To order your Clarisonic Smart Profile Cleansing Brush and for all your skincare needs call Skin Resolutions in Santa Barbara (805) 569-1923. PowerPoint Presentation

Retaining Laser and Peel Results


Committing to a laser treatment doesn’t just end after your last treatment. In order to maintain the desired results from your treatments it’s important to follow these rules;

1.Take Charge of Your Home Care Routine: Skincare at home is essential in keeping your skin healthy. Cleansing, exfoliating, proper layering, and protection is key!

2.Stay Out of the Sun: Just minutes of unprotected sun exposure can cause post treatment hyperpigmentation. Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable SPF creates immediate protection between you and harmful UV rays.

3.Regularly Use Retinol: Working to exfoliate the skin and keep your cell turnover moving, retinoids are a fundamental part of any anti-aging skincare routine.

4.Re-Treat: Laser and Peel results won’t last forever, combining chemical peel and laser treatments back to back can be helpful in prepping the skin and maximizing results. Stay motivated with regular facials and contact Skin Resolutions in downtown Santa Barbara for helpful treatment recommendations. 805-569-1923

How to Restore Facial Volume

Scared of fillers but loosing facial volume? Wondering how to avoid an overfilled look? The best filler results are when no one can tell someone had something injected in the first place. If not injected properly, filler and fat can produce an overfilled puffy look. If too much is used it can distort the shape of the face and certain areas of the face are unforgiving. Balance and positioning the entire face as a whole is essential. When placed and injected properly, fat or filler can decrease lines and wrinkles and reinstate volume resulting in an overall rejuvenated look! For the best recommendations in Santa Barbara for Botox, fat or filler injections, call Skin Resolutions in downtown Santa Barbara! (805) 569-1923